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Giganews Coupon Codes

The evolution of internet has made our lives easier! But with this revolutionary growth, we have become prone to numerous cyber-attacks and threats! Be it hosting or browsing a site, there are chances that your browser is fighting with hundreds of malware or threats! With so much risk, how would you plan to enjoy safe browsing, file sharing or managing your own site?

Well, if you are facing such threats or if you think you might get one, it’s time to change your UseNet service provider right now! Yes, it’s probably due to your weak UseNet service that you are facing such threats and malware attacks! And while changing the services, you must sign up for Giganews UseNet services.

In case, you are now wondering why to go for Giganews, here are some of the reasons:

  1. Unmatched Speed:

Irrespective of locations, Giganews users are promised with extreme speed! The service providers have server clusters almost all over Europe and North America. With such great availability, Giganews UseNet users can enjoy speed that are still a dream for other UseNet service providers or users!

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  1. Ultimate Protection:

Once you subscribe for Giganews coupon codes, you get the assurance of maximum security from the service provider. Giganews uses SSL encryptions to secure the UseNet services, and add VyprVPN to your Giganews accounts to safeguard and protect all your personal data and information from the reach of cyber-attackers.

  1. Unique Services:

In addition to a 24/7 helpline service, Giganews also offers you 100% newsgroup collection and 100% uptime. It also promises you highest quality UseNet services at any point; in case, you find any glitch in the service, you will be assisted with the fasted customer service from their experts and executives.

  • Giganews Plans:

Giganews has two different variants of plans in their couch: Unlimited Usenet Plans and Limited Usenet Plans.

Unlimited Usenet Plans:

Under this category, there are two different types of plans:

  1. Platinum Plan:

On availing this plan, you will be getting unlimited monthly access along with a retention plan of 2,367 days. The plan also gets you 20 available connections that are enabled with VyprVPN Basic features. The plan will cost you $19.00 per month.

  1. Diamond Plan:

If you go for the Diamond Plan, you will be charged with $14.99 per month, and given an unlimited monthly access with a retention plan of 2,367 days. The plan has 50 available connections and VyprVPN Pro activated with it.

Limited Usenet Plans:

Under this, there are three different Giganews plans:

  1. Pearl Plan:

This plan can be called ideal for the beginners who do not require much data or expert features. It comes with a price tag of $4.99 per month and gives an access to 5GB monthly usage. It offers a retention of 30 days along with 20 available connections.

  1. Bronze Plan:

The Bronze Plan will cost you less than $10; actual price is $9.00 per month! It offers around 10GB monthly data along with 20 available connections and a retention plan of 2,367 days.

  1. Silver Plan:

Purchasing this plan, you can enjoy 50GB monthly data and a retention plan of 2,367 days. It will cost you around $14.99 per month and will also give you 20 available connections.