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Newshosting Coupon Code

Bored with the limitations and unlimited restrictions provided by your Usenet service providers? It’s time for you to go for a change and switch your services to Newshosting Usenet services today!

Believe it or not, almost 90% of users around the world face the same problem! While subscribing for Usenet services, they are usually tempted with an array of services and features. Once they start using the services, they start facing endless issues, which goes unnoticed even after repeated complaints!

Don’t fall prey to all these cheap Usenet service providers and get the latest and amazing Usenet services from Newshosting. Here are some of the reasons why you should subscribe for Newshosting Usenet services today:

  1. Unbelievable Speed and Data Transfer Limit:

Speed and data limit are two of the most commonly faced issues with most of the Usenet service providers! If you have been facing these issues with your service providers, it’s high time for you to opt for Newshosting Usenet services. With Newshosting, you don’t only get unlimited speed, but also get to use several connections at the same time. It also allows you to maximize your bandwidth and enjoy unlimited data transfer.

  1. Extended Retention Period:

It’s not even half of the usage, and you are already out of your promised retention? Well, if you use Newshosting Usenet services, you will never know about this issue. Newshosting Usenet allows you an extended 3,066 days of retention across all newsgroups. In addition, with Newshosting’s retention, you can retrieve your data anytime you want; your information and data will be kept safe and untouched.

  1. Maximum Completion:

Even though most of the Usenet service providers promise you maximum completion, they gave up at the middle of your subscription. However, with Newshosting Usenet services, you will be able to enjoy completion of 99%. Moreover, with Newshosting’s more than 100,000 uncensored groups, you will get everything you can think of!

  1. Free Usenet Browser:

Every new subscriber to Newshosting gets access to free Newshosting Usenet Browser. This service is absolutely free and is without any hidden charges or additional costs.

  1. Maximum Security Level:

Most of the Usenet service users have reported security to be a major concern! Though their Usenet service providers assure them with big security promises, they fail miserably to maintain your security. On the other hand, if you opt for Newshosting Usenet, your personal information and data will be protected with 256 bit SSL encryption. To add here, 256 bit SSL is the highest-level security in cyber world!

  • Newshosting Plans:

You can choose from three different Newshosting plans:

  1. Lite:

This is the basic Newshosting plan that offers you 50GB roll-over limit with 30 available connections. It will cost you around $10.00 per month.

  1. Unlimited:

By paying $12.95 per month, you can enjoy unlimited data transfer along with 30 available connections. The plan also offers you VPN service and free Newshosting Browser.

  1. XL Powerpack:

With this plan, you get unlimited data transfer and 60 available connections. The plan comes with a monthly charge of $15.83 and includes free Newshosting VPN service.